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Hermes Bucolic Bag And The Handle The Hook Bag

We’re so excited. Why? Because Hermes is about to unleash two new handbags – it’s the Hermes Bucolic Bag and the Handle The Hook Bag. Both are from the Petite H Collection, which is a line in collaboration with different upcoming designers. Their focus is to create something that has never done before

Hermes Clic-H Bag

Hermes started with 2 clic’s – the Hermes Click Wallet and Click Wallet With Strap. But there is now a 3rd clic, it’s the Hermes Click-H Bag. It’s new in town for the Fall Winter 2019 collection, the Click-H Bag is kind-of like a squared-shape shoulder bag but when looking from the side, it’s thin

Hermes Voyage Silk Case Bag

Going on holiday soon? Take this beautiful Hermes Voyage Case with you. It’s a distinctive piece thanks to its colorful and attention-grabbing style. And by taking a closer look, Hermes has injected a lot of fashion art to it. Hermes Voyage Case; bolded Remember Silk Twill? What’s Hermes’s favorite invention? Silk right? So these Voyage

Hermes Transat Bag

The handbags that we have seen in the Spring Summer 2019 runway have been released. Are you ready? Have you prepared for this? Let’s talk about the new Hermes Transat Bag first. Here’s what we know so far. The Transat is a tote bag with a twist. It’s made from leather including Taurillon Novillo and


Sometimes an accessory is between a cover and a bag. But when it’s eye-catching enough, then it’s worth to write a story about it. Introducing the Hermes Tablet Cover Bag, this might be a limited edition because it’s from the ‘Petite H’ Collection. This bag is perfect for both women and


The Bolide Bag has joined in the Hermes Permanent Collection since 1923. It’s one of the iconic handbags just like the Kelly and Birkin Bag. Emile-Maurice Hermes, the grandson of the founder, designed this handbag exclusively for his wife in 1922. It was the first carryall with zip compartment, which was created to


Whenever we see something unique, we’d love to share it, especially when it’s from Hermes. Now have you ever spotted this tiny accessory called the Hermes 24 Change Purse? It’s cute right? But also useful. The Design The 24 Change Purse is simple but adorable. It’s designed in triangle shape featuring an


The Hermes Opli Clutch was released in the Spring Summer 2017 collection, but a clutch is a clutch. You will not carry it much at day, because it’s not convenient. So Hermes decided to create the Opli Shoulder Bagfor the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, which is a more useful version


Hermes rarely showcases their new handbags on the runway, so when they do so, we should pay a lot of attention. We also know that Hermes has a lot of classic handbags and usually the new ones will be added to the permanent collection immediately. They will stay there for