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Givenchy Resort 2020 Bag

Looking for big statement bags? Givenchy will provide you one. And you can play it safe in classic black, but you can also walk in red together with your loubies. This bag is a statement-maker, featuring thick shoulder strap to grab more attention. The latest Gucci logo is adorned inside the flap. Outside the flap,


Well hello! What’s going on at Givenchy lately? What a stunning bag! Introducing the Givenchy Flat Pouch, freshly-designed for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. The Design An incredible mix of feminine with masculine, yet it will look fabulous on any woman. Can you see the details? A lot of attentions have been given to


Is it a ‘WOW’ or ‘Oh no’. We think it’s an absolutely mind-blowing handbag. It’s called the Givenchy GV3 Bag and it’s released for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. So what do we see? A lot of new components, a more feminine appeal and definitely an eye-catching look. The Design Hopefully next year, the


The nice thing about Givenchy is that the iconic handbags get a little twist every season. So for anyone who likes to be a bit different, these are the best options. It’s especially attractive because the designs are only available during the season. In long term, they will be limited.

The Return of the Black and Gold Antigona

Obviously, there’s not enough Antigona to go around. There’s always a new unique one around the corner, every season it seems there’s something to excite you. Just when I though I’ve had my fill, there’s something else that makes me want to share another Antigona for you. I’m not sure when


Since 1952, Givenchy has been known as the fashion company with plenty of style and attitude. It’s modern design combines contemporary construction with feminine tone. There’s really no question why Givenchy has been noted as one of the most popular handbags companies in the world. Woman everywhere have dreamed of


If there could be a song for this Givenchy Mini Pandora Box Shoulder bag it could go like this: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got, I’m still I’m still Givenchy from the block. Used to have a little, now I have a lot.” Yes you read

Givenchy Line Bow Cut Flap Bag

IMAGE: GIVENCHY First, the disclaimer. This isn’t exactly a new bag, it’s actually from Givenchy’s Spring-Summer 2017collection, and because it’s already June, it’s probably already on sale but more on that later. Simply known as the Mini Bow-Cut, the outline of the bag’s flap does indeed look like a bow that’s just