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Chanel Chain Infinity Handle Bag

You adore the Coco Handle Bag? Or you just like any Handle Bag made from Chanel. Well, there is a new one in town and it’s called the Chanel Infinity Handle Bag. I definitely like this style. The price is not much different than the Coco Handle Bag, but the style is totally

Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag

My favorite bag from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection is the Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag. It’s a seasonal piece, but it’s truly love at first sight. The design is more than just Chanel if look beyond the details. The body shines, the chain is attention-grabbing and it’s a new style. Take a deeper

Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag

Inspired by winter sports and après-ski, a new vision of Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag is one of the latest additions from the Coco Neige 2019 Collection. So what’s unique about the Coco Neige? Well, the design but more importantly – the material. Karl wasn’t thinking about the Summer or Winter, he

Chanel Croc Embossed Large Shopping Bag

Chanel’s move to abandon exotic leathers led to the creation of the first Shopping Bag in Croc Embossed. We will see a lot more of these styles in the future, but for the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, you can already carry this latest Large Shopping Bag. Besides the Croc-Embossed leather, this shopping bag’s design is

Chanel State Of The Art Hobo Bag

You like Chanel Gabrielle Logo Bag? You know, the one with logo on strap that everyone is crazy about? Well, if you like that one, then you might also like the Chanel State Of The Art Bag. It’s a limited edition item from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection. The main similarity between the newest Gabrielle

Chanel Scarab Bag

The Pre-Fall 2019 Collection was about the history of Egypt and it wouldn’t be complete with the Chanel Scarab Bag. The Scarab has both cultural and fashion meaning – the amulets in form of Scrarab beetles were enormously famous in Ancient Egypt. It has been said that the Scarab was linked to their religion,

Chanel Calfskin Kiss-lock Bag

Instagram @personalshopperlondon Where did we hear the name ‘Kisslock’ before? I remember! The Chanel Kisslock Clutch aka Chanel Timeless Clutch Bag. Here’s a picture: But it’s not the same bag. The Chanel Kiss-Lock Bag from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection looks and feels different. We love the shape and the large diamond quilting pattern crafted on the body. The top features

Chanel All About Chains Waist Bag

If you like wearing Chanel jewelry like earrings or necklaces, then you will love the Chanel All About Chains Waist Bag. This bag is released for the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection. Much like the Classic Waist Bag, the All About Chain Bag is designed in diamond quilting and adorned with a CC Zip Charm. The

What Is The Best First Chanel Bag

This post is about your 1st Chanel Bag. Can you remember the first time you’ve purchased a Chanel Bag? How did you feel? Was it addicted? Did started collecting more Chanel Bags? Please post your experience and which Chanel Bag you recommend for the 1st buyers? And for the 1st buyers.