Gucci Special: Meet The New Season GG Marmont, Queen Margaret & Iside Bags

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Gucci is constantly creating new stories season after season, through collections that harness an intricate mix of the everyday beautiful and inspired, then translated into gorgeous RTW and leather goods we see today. And for Pre-Fall 2017, Gucci has a number of key offerings as far as their leather bags are concerned, two of which are completely new lines, with the third a classic-in-the-making that we are all familiar with.

First, let’s start with the familiar, the GG Marmont. Identified by its bold brassy GG logo on the matelassé chevron leather body, the GG Marmontline is easily Alessandro Michele’s most iconic creation yet. A new-in for the season, the GG Marmont Leather Belt Bag (or bumbag) is a one that can be worn a myriad of ways all over your body. Coming in at a cute 18 cm wide and 11.5 cm high, it can be belted high on the waist, across the chest, over the shoulder, or even over your hip like a cute fanny pack. The other newer silhouettes within the GG Marmont range include the quilted leather backpack and quilted leather bucket bag that are no less cute and come in a wide array of colours as well.


Next, we see all-new designs in the Queen Margaret and Iside, both identifiable by their own statement-making icons – an ornately enamelled giant bee for the former and the feline head set within a rectangular clasp in the latter, an homage to the ancient Egyptian Goddess. The Queen Margaret, with its bamboo or leather top handles, comes finished with an accompanying leather strap or a tri-coloured canvas strap respectively. Available in two sizes, a Small (25 cm by 16.5 cm) and a Medium (32 cm by 20 cm), the Queen Margaret is a true statement maker and a definite head-turner in the best way possible.

Moving on to the third bag in this series, some of you may have noticed that while the Iside might look similar to the Queen Margaret in terms of the trapezoid shape, but that’s probably where the similarities end.


The Iside in Medium is slightly taller, coming in at 31 cm by 23 cm and features a curvaceous front flap dominated by the wavy pattern on the front. Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess with its enamelled Swarovskieyes and metallic gold elements, it is feminine and sensual, like the goddess. The Iside series comes in three finishes, a #GGSupreme with leather trim, a leather and snakeskin mix, as well as a full snakeskin one that’s embellished with floral embroidery. In addition, each bag is furnished with an extra chain sling shoulder strap, giving you one of 3 different ways to carry this stunning beauty.

Distinctively different, yet all charming in their own right, which of the three (or all three) is your favourite(s)?

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Replica Hermes Bags – Touch Of Sophistication Perfect For This Summer!

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If someone ever asks me something about my outfit, they certainly don’t know what to ask about firstly. So it usually goes around the fact that my friends or even not so close people appreciate the way I dress, but I always get to hear: “I’m not sure what you’re doing to look so good”. The thing here is that I’m not doing anything special, I’m not an extravagant person. So yes, I really do know what they mean when they say that. It’s that moment when you admire someone but you simply can’t tell what you love so much about them.
Well, let me tell you my secret. It’s about the little things. Small details that make the difference. And one of these details are actually my replica Hermes bags. They add the right touch of sophistication every woman needs.
No, you don’t need to put up all the accessories in the world in order to look interesting and complex. You can keep it simple and chic, then just add that wow-factor that will put you in the right spotlight.
For me, my replica Hermes bags are the key in this matter. Whether I’m going for a walk, at the office or just shopping, sporting my fake Birkin bag is most of the times inevitable. It kind of became a reflex for me. And trust me, it’s not only about the idea of sporting a high-end purse. But it’s about the way you do it.
I’m sure you noticed so many women out there trying so hard to be different. But somehow, most of us have tried so hard to do that, that we all became alike. So if you ask me, the secret is doing it your way. And my way is about keeping it simple. Chic, elegant, sporty, it doesn’t matter your style. Just by adding the right Hermes bag can put you in the right spotlight without any efforts.
Kelly Ripa Hermes Birkin
Hermes knockoff bags could very well be the answer to the most asked question lately: “What should I wear this summer?” Because we all find ourselves in this dilemma, I thought of pointing out the most important aspects that make a replica Hermes the best item you could sport this summer!
Summer is for sure one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion. Whether we talk about outfits, whether we talk about accessories, showing off your stylish choices is now easier than ever. But in order to do that, you need to find the best handbag for that. Because when it comes to outfits, I tend to create them depending on the bag I choose to sport. It has become a rule for me. And somehow, it works even better. I’m not sure if I’m doing this because I am obsessed with handbags, or simply because it’s a more efficient way to find the perfect dress for a certain day.
Anyway, talking about the right handbag for this summer, as you might have already guessed, I’ll be talking about Hermes knockoff bags. Since they are my favorite, I consider that the Birkin fake bag is the best choice for this summer. Why? Well there is more than one reason for that.
First would be its timeless and classy look. It’s a simple bag, yet incredibly sophisticated and special. Secondly, it’s very practical. As soon as we talk about summer, we talk about lots of stuff we need to carry with us. Such as water, soft tissues, antibacterial tissues and even an umbrella if needed. So we’ll totally need that space. Then, the third and most important reason would be its incredibly good looking aspect. It’s a versatile handbag, offering you the possibility of sporting it no matter the outfit

Therefore, a fake Birkin is the perfect choice for this summer. No matter we talk about functionality or outstanding outfits, this handbag will certainly put you in the right spotlight!

Olivia Palermo Hermes Birkin

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The 15 Best Bags to Start Your Designer Handbag Collection, 2016 Edition

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Going-Out Bags For Every Girl — and Every Budget

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Going out for a night on the town requires a few things: a good blowout, a fantastic pair of heels, and a chic little evening bag to hold all of your essentials — ID, cash, cell phone, and lip gloss. Whether you're hitting the bars or attending a fancy evening fête, you're likely going to need a bag that's big enough for the necessities, but small enough to not get in the way of your drinking, dancing, and overall fabulousness. While we spotted some gorgeous ones backstage at Diane von Furstenberg's recent Fall show, we've rounded up 15 evening bags that happen to go with everything, come in at every possible price point, and are available to shop right now. Click through to see them all.

Evening Bags For Every Budget

People at the party will literally be able to hear you coming when you're wearing this bag.
Christian Louboutin Artemis Bell-Embellished Bag 

Evening Bags For Every Budget

This cute, quirky clutch has a totally vintage vibe. It looks like something we would see Zooey Deschanel carrying.
Topshop Spotted Gusset Purse

Evening Bags For Every Budget

This pyramid-shaped bag is an instant conversation starter.

Jil Sander Square Evening Wristlet

Evening Bags For Every Budget

A Chanel crossbody clutch is pretty much the gold standard of evening bags.

Chanel Vintage Quilted Gold Chain Bag

Evening Bags For Every Budget

We love how this tiny clutch almost looks like jewelry.
Pour la Victoire Metallic Paneled Clutch

Evening Bags For Every Budget

This snakeskin, skull-embellished clutch isn't for the timid.
Alexander McQueen Serpent Skull Snakeskin Clutch 

Evening Bags For Every Budget

You can't beat the price of this suede clutch — no matter what you wear it with, it'll look well beyond its affordable price tag.
Forever 21 Suede Clutch

Evening Bags For Every Budget

This cool neon clutch is the perfect addition to an all-black ensemble.
Aldo Hord Bag

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The Big Reveal: Our PurseForum Members’ Debut The Céline Bags of Their Dreams

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If you're thinking of treating yourself to a new Céline bag, we have to warn you: this post may lead to impulse spending. We don't mean to be instigators, but purchasing a brand new bag instantly lifts your mood and spirits (no seriously, science says so), and our PurseForum members have the new bags to prove it.

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Add These 18 Beautiful Bags to Your Wish List Immediately

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Sometimes, the designer bag that everyone seems to have just makes you yawn. We get it because we're fashion girls, too — designer logos and recognizable color schemes aren't so important to you. Instead, you prefer a purse with personality, one that will score you style points and earn you insider credit.

That's why we rounded up all the It bags that are bold enough to make you fall in love. You've seen these on the street at Fashion Week and on the feeds of your favorite style bloggers. These 18 designs are worthy of your holiday wish list, and it's never too early to start taking notes. Read on to meet your match!

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