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There aren’t many real reasons in today’s world one would actually wear a watch, I mean, even for me, my iPhone is my immediate go-to if I need to check on the time whenever I’m not wearing a timepiece on my wrist. But strangely (and I tried this a couple of times) when there’s a watch on me, I would inadvertently glance at my wrist if I need to check on what time it is. In other words, it’s instinctive, like my brain is pre-conditioned to do it almost naturally.

Maybe I’m old-school that way (ok, ok, just old), but I would think most of you out there would agree with me (and be doing the same thing most of the time). And if that’s truly so, I’m also pretty sure most of you would agree that what we wear on the wrist is important too, a watch that’s at the very least a) aesthetically-pleasing, b) tells time accurately and of course c) must have a backstory that we all can relate to.

Which brings me to Chanel Horlogerie‘s new timepiece offering, the Boyfriend. The watch itself isn’t new, but for 2016 it’s offered for the first time in steel. Yes, the bezel is all steel, a material that’s not only hardwearing but extremely sleek as well. Shaped like an octagon, it’s also an iconic shape that’s familiar to fans of Chanel, a masculine take on the Première watch, the stopper on the fragrance No.5 and a tribute to the layout of Place Vendôme in Paris.


A beautifully elegant timepiece, this particular incarnation of Chanel’s Boyfriend is also perfect for the independent woman of today, and one who appreciates its strong lines, refined design and of course, that signature shape. Available in two variations: one’s simply in steel (SGD6150) while the other comes bejewelled with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds (price on application). Guaranteed to give you that extra spring in your step, you can skip on down to Chanel’s Fine Jewellery & Watches boutique at Ngee Ann City for a closer look at your potential new Boyfriend.

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The Apple Hermes Watch Is Already Here!


When the Apple Hermès watch was announced last September, and later released to select stores and boutiques around the world in October, two significant industries were merged together: technology and fashion. The Apple Watch was a breakthrough device that flew off the shelves, and adding Hermès in the mix makes everything a great deal more exciting – and of course more costly as well.

Apple Hermes Watch Launch

Beginning on this Friday, Jan. 22, this enthralling innovation will be available to more than just those willing to travel to the boutique locations to pick up a watch. It will become available on both and, where the whole collection will be ready to order. The collection consists of three styles, each of which features straps of handmade leather and customizable stainless steel Apple Watch face: The “Single Tour,” the “Double Tour,” and the “Cuff.” Spread out among these three strap options are a total of ten models, which come in a variety of colors.

This collaboration was beneficial to both parties here, as Apple was working to have the Apple Watch viewed more as a luxury item, both technologically and fashionably, and Hermès was able to benefit from the esteemed publicity of the Apple brand. There was a lot of debate at the beginning of the Apple Watch’s production in April 2015 as to whether or not the product could be stylish or not. This wasn’t a problem for avid Apple fans, who generally weren’t concerned with how chic the product was, but instead with the technology behind it. And rightly so, but this barrier caused sales to be lower than they otherwise could have been, and likely now will be with this partnership. The watch still racked up 1 million preorders in the first day alone, but those numbers would have been supplemented by members of the fashion community if they had looked a bit more stylish.

Better late than never! Despite the hefty price tag, the Apple Hermès watches are looking great. If you’re looking to buy one of these watches for yourself, you’ll be looking to pay $1,100 for the Single Tour, $1,250 for the Double Tour, or $1,500 for the Cuff. So for this upgrade from the standard Apple Watch, the price is more than tripling, for the priciest option.

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First Look Latest New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel

Louis Vuitton

1 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel

In Louis Vuitton accessories, fashion icon always keep a watchful eye on watch. Now, no matter for men or women, a luxury watch not only look at a time, but they are presented in good taste. Now, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton new created a steel version Emprise watch which available two colors choose from – Black and White dial.

From the Louis Vuitton’s Emprise Jewelry and Watch Collection, the latest timepiece remains true to its original design, with its form and decorative motifs inspired by the Maison’s signature trunks. The square face hold a bold yet luxurious appeal. Those New 23x23mm LV Emprise Steel Watch is engraved with the brand’s logo and has sapphire glass with reflection proof coating. Now, we can find it on Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and the retail price set to $3100 USD!

1 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 11 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 21 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 3

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2014 Womens Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Forever Watch

Louis Vuitton


“Forever”, always a kind-of tricky word for people, just like “I Lover You, Forever”, “I am Forever Yours”. It is must be the season why Forever21 has grown into a giant brand, even lift continuously changes but we still love to belief that sometimes things can be ‘forever’.

The new Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Forever watch for women also in the theme design which in a really nice look. It is not a new series watch since we had been viewed many of watch in the series, but it is also a new addition which crafted from white and pink gold. Designed by Louis Vuitton La Fabrique Du Temps, and the gorgeous stones make up the four-leaved clover which represents “Luck”. And help this new lv watch will bring luck to you.

Here is the details information about the new LV Tambour Monogram Forever Women Watch and you can shop it at Louis Vuitton store at a price of $18,500 USD or € 22.600 euro’s.

- The LV80 calibre keep time at 28,800 oscillations per hour
- 35 hours power reserve
- Diameter of 38 mm
- Finished with white mother-of-pearl dial, 18 carat
- black alligator strap
- Its water resistance to 50m
- The back is transparent
- Dail, bezel and horns are refined with diamonds

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