Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 Bag Campaign

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As Prada is bringing more serious styles out for the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, Miu Miu is keeping it young and energetic. Though the Collection is colored in many darker colors, it’s still blend with exciting colors like red and black, white and red, black and orange, baby blue and black.

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 handbags are innovative, different and never-seen-before, and that mixed with great quality for your investment. It’s the best way to start-off your designer handbag journey (and belief me, it’s not too difficult to get obsessive).



Practical handbags, like the new leather tote with three compartments, in large and small size. Duffle bags for the weekends, Miu Miu got the style you want and love.

So what do you think?











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Little Bag By Miu Miu

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The Little Bag from Miu Miu, it almost sounds like a fairytale. We’ve featured a lot of mini bags at BRAGMYBAG, but it seems like there are no endings. We keep finding more, better and most importantly affordable.

Meet the Miu Miu’s latest creation, it’s only available at Miu Miu store for now. A small bag in bi-color, refined in golden hardware. Simple and easy, made with two compartments that can be opened and closed with zippers. It comes with a long detachable shoulder strap and it’s built from pebble goat leather.

How to use Miu Miu’s little bag? Think of it as a little pouch bag, store your small essentials inside and you’re good to go. Match it with casual clothes and perhaps for the evenings? Measuring 20 x 12 x 6 (L x H x W) in cm, priced at $820 USD or €650 euro’s at Miu Miu e-store.




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Miu Miu Vitello Soft Handbag

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Miu Miu, the company next to Prada, has been experimenting with designs and styles for the past several years and I have to admit, they are getting better and better.

Besides, it’s always nice to discover variation of bags from a designer brand that you can trust. Let your daily fashion be guided by Miu Mu.

Now I’ve to admit that, even though the idea was creative, I wasn’t really into the biker bags in bi and tri colors from the Resort 2014 collection. I like it more minimal and these babies are the perfect fit, they look like butter soft marshmallows.

For those who are interested, the Miu Miu Vitello Soft Bags are from the new Spring Summer 2014 Collection, they are the refinement of the refinement, the best of the best; a reverse leather appliqué, invisible stitching (imagine that!), padded edging and trim with blending innovation and tradition.

The interior are 100% crafted from leather and have pockets that are functional and made-sense. The Metal logo on the front is reminiscent of the classic luggage details.

Even the handles are well thought; it’s made from padded leather and has an entirely different feeling than the soft body of the bag. On the top of that, it comes with a shoulder strap to make it wearable in any occasion.

This bag is now priced at $2,350 USD or €1650 euro’s, it’s already launched at your local Miu Miu boutique and also available on their e-store.




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Miu Miu's Jewel-like Christmas Heels

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Feel the sensation of Christmas; friends and family are gathered in a cozy and fuzzy home, they are holding drinks on their hands and their stomach are growling for the big diner. The Christmas tree adds a positive sphere to the environment, decorated with red, purple, blue, pink and green lights. You look out of the window, the streets are covered with snow, but star-and-snow-flakes LED lights are shining bright on the trees and poles. Pair such gorgeous evening with Miu Miu’s Christmas shoes, embellished with jewel-like stones in sapphire, emerald, ruby and green rhinestones in big and small sizes. A flashy high heel to brighten the night, they are just the thing.

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Miu Miu Resort 2014 Ad Campaign

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Intermix Flash Sale 9_24

Tough and young are these new bikers bag, they fit perfectly with black/white dress and pumps, but green shirt and black skirt are exquisite too. Miu Miu wants you to play with colors and mixed prints and fabrics, the more the better cause its distinctive and fun. The new resort 2014 ad campaign is featured with Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux, an example of how you can bring the best out of biker styles. It’s feminine but bold, particularly these shoes, I love them. And the exeggarated jewelries are notable.

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Miu Miu Matelassé Nappa Tote Versus Prada Gaufré Bag

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Muiccia Prada inherited the fashion company ‘Prada’ in 1978 and took the business to a whole new level. It was her decision to release the first tote bag in the year 1979 and since then, the image of the brand has been changed significantly. In 1990 Prada became one of the most influential fashion houses. Miu Miu, on the other hand, was established in 1992 by Muiccia, which was mainly targeted to woman fashion. Knowing the connection between these two brands, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that Miu Miu Matelassé nappa tote was inspired by the timeless Gaufré nappa bag. Of course there are differences, but through carefully observation, you would also belief that the style idea was quite the same.

The Prada Gaufré nappa bag has the grown-up look, the refined nappa detailing is something we should admire and therefore should be added to our wishlist. But the Miu Miu Matelassé nappa tote has the younger appeal, it’s attracted to the woman who loves luxuries but has characteristic of playful, energized and knows how to enjoy every minute of her life.

The sophisticated appearance and the double zip closure in gold are the right ingredients of feminine chic. I do not want to bang too much on the features, but the bag itself is quite functional with three interior pockets. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for anyone who loves to sling it once in a while. Now back to the Prada Gaufré beauty. Compared from size to size, not only has it more space than the Miu Miu Matelassé, but the interior is quite flexible too.

The design of the Prada Gaufré bag is more complex, but both are luxurious items. From the price point of view, the Gaufré will cost you $2,595 USD, while the Miu Miu Matelassé is going to damage you $1,990 USD. For those who are hungry for the Prada Gaufré bag, but looking for a smaller version and lower price, the Miu Miu version is a great alternative. What’s more important is that Prada has become significantly famous, while Miu Miu is still under the radar. Carrying the beautiful Matelassé tote will makes you stand-out, isn’t that what fashion is all about? At Miu Miu e-storeWelcome from Canada Goose shop to purchase.


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