Gucci Special: Meet The New Season GG Marmont, Queen Margaret & Iside Bags

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Gucci is constantly creating new stories season after season, through collections that harness an intricate mix of the everyday beautiful and inspired, then translated into gorgeous RTW and leather goods we see today. And for Pre-Fall 2017, Gucci has a number of key offerings as far as their leather bags are concerned, two of which are completely new lines, with the third a classic-in-the-making that we are all familiar with.

First, let’s start with the familiar, the GG Marmont. Identified by its bold brassy GG logo on the matelassé chevron leather body, the GG Marmontline is easily Alessandro Michele’s most iconic creation yet. A new-in for the season, the GG Marmont Leather Belt Bag (or bumbag) is a one that can be worn a myriad of ways all over your body. Coming in at a cute 18 cm wide and 11.5 cm high, it can be belted high on the waist, across the chest, over the shoulder, or even over your hip like a cute fanny pack. The other newer silhouettes within the GG Marmont range include the quilted leather backpack and quilted leather bucket bag that are no less cute and come in a wide array of colours as well.


Next, we see all-new designs in the Queen Margaret and Iside, both identifiable by their own statement-making icons – an ornately enamelled giant bee for the former and the feline head set within a rectangular clasp in the latter, an homage to the ancient Egyptian Goddess. The Queen Margaret, with its bamboo or leather top handles, comes finished with an accompanying leather strap or a tri-coloured canvas strap respectively. Available in two sizes, a Small (25 cm by 16.5 cm) and a Medium (32 cm by 20 cm), the Queen Margaret is a true statement maker and a definite head-turner in the best way possible.

Moving on to the third bag in this series, some of you may have noticed that while the Iside might look similar to the Queen Margaret in terms of the trapezoid shape, but that’s probably where the similarities end.


The Iside in Medium is slightly taller, coming in at 31 cm by 23 cm and features a curvaceous front flap dominated by the wavy pattern on the front. Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess with its enamelled Swarovskieyes and metallic gold elements, it is feminine and sensual, like the goddess. The Iside series comes in three finishes, a #GGSupreme with leather trim, a leather and snakeskin mix, as well as a full snakeskin one that’s embellished with floral embroidery. In addition, each bag is furnished with an extra chain sling shoulder strap, giving you one of 3 different ways to carry this stunning beauty.

Distinctively different, yet all charming in their own right, which of the three (or all three) is your favourite(s)?

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Gucci x Mr Porter Collaboration Collection

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With mere days to go before Mr Porter launches its first collaborative collection with Gucci (yes, boys, it’s finally our turn to have some fun after last year’s Gucci collab with Net-A-Porter), here’s most everything you need to know about it. For starters, there will be 43 pieces in this limited edition capsule collection that’s due to be launched this Thursday (18 May 2017) via Mr Porter.

Comprising everything the young Gucci-loving male of today will need, you’ll find blazers, sweatshirts, shirts, vests, tees, jeans, track pants and shorts. And that’s just the RTW. Also included in the line-up are shoes (at least 6 different pairs at last count), ties, bracelets, even a bag and a pair of sunglasses if you’re all for that head-to-toe look. Priced from GBP140 for a tie all the way to GBP2030 for an elaborately detailed bomber jacket, it will be a case of fastest fingers first when it launches, so don’t forget to keep them on standby at Mr Porter come Thursday.

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Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

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Gucci Resort 2017 Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 features a collection of Punk, Victoria, the most extraordinary eccentrics. This is a collection for young men as well as women, each of them is dense with detail, ornament, and references to art, interior, and layers of stacked archaeologies of culture. Gucci Resort 2017 also presents a collection that probably got hits in the mid-90s that is spice Girl Monster boots and sweaters Union Jack. There is a skirt/short skirt, gracefully and punk, and it’s not even the beginning of an inventory of the items on Show. Here is a collection of Gucci Resort 2017.

Gucci Resort 2017 Coat Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Blue Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Women Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Pink Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Men Jacket Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Men Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Dress Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

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So you love everything ‘Classic’, meet the brand-new Gucci Ramble Original GG Canvas Tote.

This bag was featured in the Gucci Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign, its basically an L-size bag for the woman with a busy lifestyle.

Read: Gucci Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign

I love the ‘GG Canvas’ with nut brown leather detailing, you know, this style reminds you of the designer brand. Just like the Monogram Canvas of Louis Vuitton, or the Damier Canas, or the Cannage Stitching of Dior, or the Quilted Black Bags of Louis Vuitton.

Besides its look, it got some pretty neat functionality too. And the size is lovely – with interior zip and smartphone pockets, extended double zip closure with leather pulls, and it’s a size to fit your daily essentials including your MAC book pro.

Though it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, I will just stick with the strong leather handles. It’s also embellished with extended double zip closure with leather pulls. The edges are hand-painted and it’s refined with palladium hardware.

Measuring 16.3’ x 12.5’ x 8.2’ (W x H x D) inches, its priced at $2,900 USD at Gucci e-store.

For those who want a different color, it’s also available in bicolor but brown leather and light green leather detailing. It’s the same size, but the price is $3,300 USD.



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Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag

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You know what kind of bag is fabulous? A glorious bag from the past, that once has shined and now forgotten. And to bring it back alive again through minor modification, so that it fits to our modern time.
The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is the perfect example, it was inspired by the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, made by Coco Chanel and released in 1955. Throughout the years this bag has been re-shaped, modified and re-painted numerous of times.
And now presenting the Gucci Jacky Soft Flap Bag, the creative director Frida Giannini of Gucci decided that it was time for the Classic Gucci Jackie Bag to rise again. And it’s not only a ‘Classic’, but also ‘Timeless’, you see, this bag can be worn in every season and it will stand by your side for a long time, crafted from both supple full grain pastel leather, it’s as durable as it can get.
Featuring the beautiful piston closure with Gucci’s signature on it, can you spot it? With sleek exotic skins, it’s a sophisticated beauty, the edges are entirely hand-painted. Carry it on your shoulder or cross body, allows the Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag to help you survive during the long fall and winter season.
You can find a multi-gusset in the interior, with a single open pocket. Measuring 10.6’ x 7.8’ x 3.1’ (W x H x D) inches.




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Gucci Animalier Textured-Leather Shoulder

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I know, I know, you’re probably still in depression because everything you wanted from the #GucciforNetAPorter limited edition capsule collection has already sold out, and even though there’s no word yet if they will be restocking any pieces soon, not to worry.

Thankfully, of course, there are so many more bags from Gucci to covet now, and if I were to touch on all of them, this post would literally never end. Yes, there’s something to be said about Alessandro Michele and how he has made everything (and I mean everything) from the Italian luxury house so desirable today.

Take these new bags, for example, the Animalier Textured-Leather Shoulder that is now available via Net-A-Porter. Leather? Check. Burnished gold tiger head? Check. Gucci’s iconic webbing. Check. Measuring some 23 cm by 16 cm, it’s the perfect shoulder bag to wear across the body or over the shoulder. It’s also pretty affordable (GBP660, or around SGD1300 after conversion), really chic and the prefect night-out-with-the-girls party bag. Need I say more?

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