Natalie Westing stars in Americana Manhasset's fall-winter 2016 campaign
Natalie Westing stars in Americana Manhasset’s fall-winter 2016 campaign

Marking its 60th anniversary, Americana Manhasset unveils its fall-winter 2016 campaign. Called ‘The New Romantics’, the dreamy images were shot on location in Sicily, Italy. The shoot was photographed, produced and styled by Laspata/DeCaro. Model Natalie Westling stars alongside Kit Butler in luxuriously decorated rooms. From an embroidered Zimmermann gown to Prada’s nautical separates and Gucci’s whimsical designs, top designer brands stand out for the fashion retailer’s advertisements.


Kit Butler and Natalie Westling wear Gucci's whimsical fall 2016 collection
Kit Butler and Natalie Westling wear Gucci’s whimsical fall 2016 collection
Natalie Westling wears her hair in luxurious curls with Messika jewelry
Natalie Westling wears her hair in luxurious curls with Messika jewelry
Natalie Westling poses in Coach jacket, top, skirt and bag in Americana Manhasset's fall 2016 campaign
Natalie Westling poses in Coach jacket, top, skirt and bag in Americana Manhasset’s fall 2016 campaign
Natalie Westling models Prada fall 2016 jacket and dress
Natalie Westling models Prada fall 2016 jacket, dress and heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: David Yurman jewelry
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: David Yurman jewelry
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Self-Portrait gown and Malone Squliers heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Self-Portrait gown and Malone Squliers heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Zimmermann embroidered gown and heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Zimmermann embroidered gown and heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Bottega Veneta dress, belt, clutch and heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Bottega Veneta dress, belt, clutch and heels
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Chanel jacket, skirt, boots and hat
Americana Manhasset fall 2016: Chanel jacket, skirt, boots and hat

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Adele Just Ditched Her Signature Cat Eye And Still Looks Amazing


Getty Images

If there’s one thing Adele’s known for other than her heart-wrenching lyric and spine chilling vocals, it’s her signature cat eye. Everyone is so eager to learn how Adele flicks her winged liner so perfectly, that her makeup artist Michael Ashton went as far as filming his own tutorial. She’s usually seen pairing the look with flushed cheeks and nude or red lipstick, but she shocked us with her latest beauty move.

Adele decided to switch things for a change by removing her cat eye entirely, all while documenting the process for her 16.2 million Instagram followers. As she stopped in Phoenix, Arizona for her sold-out US tour, Adele posted a photo of herself literally wiping off her eyeliner, followed by another photo sans liner. It turns out that she was actually beating a terrible cold and had to cancel her performance, and in turn treated the world to some makeup-free selfies. We have to admit we’re a bit jealous that she still looks this good while sick. But is it enough to convince you to toss out your eyeliner? Let us know in the comments below.

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Knot Eau Florale by BOTTEGA VENETA


Bottega Veneta-Knot and Knot Eau Florale- packshots- 75ML AED 525

Knot Eau Florale is the continuation of the collaboration between Tomas Maier and master perfumer Daniela Andrier.

A delicate floral expression of the Knot fragrance, Knot Eau Florale features amplified notes of Rose and Peony layered with the softness of musk. The Mediterranean soul of the scent continues to radiate through notes of mandarine, neroli and lavender, underscored by the earthiness of cedarwood and tonka beans.

Bottega Veneta-Knot Eau Florale- packshot with packaging 75ML AED525

The combination of these rare materials is what gives Knot Eau Florale its unforgettable nature. “I wanted the fragrance to capture an awakening of the senses though an escape to the garden,” says Maier. “It is these quiet moments of respite that I believe are the ultimate luxury.”

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Benefit Cosmetics Lip Kits & Eye Kits That Are As Good Kylie’s Kits


Lip and eye kits seem to be this year’s ultimate must-have beauty products, especially Kylie’s kits. However, since the Kylie Cosmetics makeup kits fly off the shelves very quickly, many are always looking for equally quality alternatives to try out. One of those alternatives are the newest Benefit Cosmetics Lip Kits and Eye Kits, available and Sephora, which we promise are as good as Kylie’s kits, both in terms of quality and costs!

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Eye Kit

Let’s start off with the Benefit Cosmetics Eye Kit, which has been figuratively dubbed ‘They’re Real! BIG SEXY Eye Kit’. Already available at the brand’s official website, the Benefit Cosmetics BIG SEXY Eye Kit features three duo eyeshadows that retail at a competitive price (£27). It includes a shadow blender too, but the colors may be applied with your fingers too.

The featured eyeshadow shades are Beyond Nude, Naughty Neutral and Bombshell Brownand, for those who are familiar with Kylie’s kits and prefer eyeshadows, the resemblance with those of the Keeping up with the Kardashians star is undeniable. The only missing shade is the burned orange color Kylie added to her most recent palette, but we feel we could turn a blind eye to it.

What’s even better regarding the Benefit Cosmetics Eye Kit is that, as stated by the brand, “the perfectly paired neutral eyeshadow duo lasts 12 budge-proof hours and the custom ShadowBlender ensures expert application every time!”

The ‘They’re Real’ eye line includes mascara and liner kits too, available both on and at Sephora.

As for the Benefit Cosmetics ‘They’re Real, BIG SEXY LIP KIT’, things are equally appealing! The lipstick kit comes for £24 and will make both the contouring and the filling processes easier. It includes four different items, with each one of them featuring both a lip liner and a lipstick.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit

The available colors are Flame Game (an orange red), Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose, with the liner coming in a slightly darker shade for creating the ombre lip look. These lip kit colors might not be exactly in tune with Kylie’s lip products (except maybe for the nude Lusty Rose one), but surely feature a similar top-notch quality and the possibility to own four different lipsticks for the price of two.

Each one of these lipsticks and liners lasts longer than an average lip product and, according to those lucky costumers who had the chance to test it, “it’s super easy to apply” and makes the “lips look visibly fuller and sexier”.

Both the Benefit Cosmetics lip and eye kits will be available at brick-and-mortar stores starting from this October!

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lipsticks

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A look from Marc Jacobs resort 2017. Photo: Marc Jacobs
A look from Marc Jacobs resort 2017. Photo: Marc Jacobs

When Marc Jacobs presented his resort 2017 runway show this summer, we were immediately entranced by the lively, nostalgia-heavy ode to the '80s. The collection was filled with acid-wash colored denim, studded leather jackets and a particular sweatshirt bedecked with the iconic MTV logo born from the very same decade (it's very much our favorite piece from the collection).

It's perfect timing (and more importantly, perfect marketing) that the American designer would pair up with the musical entertainment network just in time for this year's MTV Video Music Awards, which will kick off Sunday night in New York City. Starting this Friday, Aug. 26, the brand will release an exclusive capsule collection that will be available for pre-order online at and at Marc Jacobs locations around the world. The collaboration is an extension of the MTV-focused resort 2017 pieces, as well as a few more new styles. In addition to the sequined, oversized cashmere sweatshirts from the runway, there will also be logo T-shirts and canvas tote bags in bright, kitschy colors. 

The label is also bringing some brand awareness to the awards show itself — though most celebrities and musical artists are already fans. As guests make their way down the red carpet on Sunday, they'll have the chance to take photos in the specially designed MTV Instagram booth, aptly titled #IWantMyMJTV, where they can have video portraits taken by photographer Dennis Leupold against an oversized MTV logo. (Be sure to check your feed once the red carpet wraps up.)

You can place your orders online for the upcoming collaboration as early as 3 a.m. EST on Friday, at which point you'll only have five days to get your MTV; the pre-order window closes Tuesday, Aug. 30. 

Click through the gallery below to see the entire Marc Jacobs x MTV collaboration.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


For those of you who have never come across these tales, I'd highly recommend them not only for the stories/illustrations, but also for the detailed notes that trace the source of the stories, which were mostly passed down in an oral tradition. 

Today, the original books are out of print, and can only be purchased from third party sellers or used bookstores. For years, the series was one of the most banned books in America, because of the nightmarishly detailed artwork. Luckily, the stories are unchanged and retain the same, spooky addictiveness that had us biting our nails and turning the pages years ago.

The three outfit sets below are based on three of the five chapters that this book is divided into. The first and last chapters are both titled "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" but I skipped the latter because it is a humorous section. I also skipped the third section because of a lack of a general, unifying theme. 

1. Aaaaaaaaaaah! (Jump Scares)

Product Info: TopJeansJacketSocksShoes

This outfit is based on the first section of the book, which consists of jump scares and is focused on the performative aspect of traditional folklore and campfire scary stories. It celebrates the heart of scary storytelling and origin of many frightening legends, and does not contain any truly morbid or disturbing elements, in my opinion. 

To create this look, I was inspired to incorporate an eye-catching color to represent the drama and the memorable aspect of these jump scares. The red coat I've used embodies that level of drama, and the rest of the outfit is simple for balance.

Of course, the devil is in the details: ripped jeans, skeleton socks, and dark burgundy boots. 

2. He Heard Footsteps Coming Up the Cellar Stairs

Product Info: DressJacketShoesLipstick, Hair Photo:

The second section of the book is my personal favorite: the ghost stories. I initially picked up these books because of my interest in ghosts, so I created an outfit set to represent the fluidity and abstract quality of spirits – as we typically imagine them. I chose a muted color palette to represent ephemerality, and chose the dress for its ability to showcase movement. 

The look is heavily inspired by the ghastly (but ultimately harmless) woman who appears in the story "The Haunted House," which includes one of the most memorable and truly terrifying images in the entire series. 

The outfit is supposed to be ambiguous when it comes to season, but I did want to hint at windy conditions. The shoes are light tan and are modeled after the ancient gladiator tradition, and the lipstick is similarly pale. The hairstyle has an almost-hidden braid, with messy waves for a sophisticated, yet relaxed finish. 

3. Other Dangers

Product Info: TopSkirtShoesBagNail PolishPlanner

Skipping the third section in the book (essentially “everything else”), the fourth section, entitled “Other Dangers” delves into contemporary dangersand is much more realistic and plausible than most of the other tales. These cautionary tales frightened me much more than the other stories because of the real possibility that the events could actually occur.

For example, one of the tales ("Highbeams") reveals that a pickup truck closely following a young, female driver is actually preventing a man hiding in the back seat of her car from attacking her. It's chilling because it could actually happen, and who knows what would have happened without the attentive truck driver's help?

I created a modern, but decidedly feminine look to speak to this story. As we all know, it pays to be cautious, but it is also disheartening that women sometimes have to sacrifice a feminine style or hide their shape for safety reasons. 

The color palette, however, is a bit dark because I do want to maintain the idea of fear and anxiety portrayed in the story. The look is a bit playful and incorporates the feeling of slight uneasiness or confusion. 

Lastly, I threw in the planner because planning ahead is never a bad idea, especially when you're exploring unknown territory. 

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