The Christian Dior resort 2016 collection has officially been revealed! There is something about the Dior fashion house that always seems to appeal to us and Raf Simons made sure that once again the label would not disappoint. As we begin planning cruises and resort vacations for about 6-8 months later from now, we will definitely be turning towards Dior for some grand inspirations. Nothing beats seeing incredibly beautiful models walk through a plane-like structure and onto the open runway, particularly on such a sunny day as this; and oh how lovely the frothy and uniquely designed pieces paraded on the runway were but a few hours ago.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection The show was set in the Le Palais Bulles, literally a makeshift palace of terra-cotta bubbles set into a cliff between Cannes and Monaco. We saw airplane cabins when originally spotting the place, but we know it can also be construed as a Flintstone style condo that is meant for a caveman’s luxurious needs. Pierre Cardin has acquired the property and Dior’s cruise/resort collection looked pretty awesome from that point of view. Did you know that Cardin himself was sitting in the front seats, not looking a day older than 85, despite his 92 year old true age? It is sad to see so many of the top designers well into their senior years, even if they keep busy and still dominate the world of fashion.

The air about the Dior resort 2016 collection setting was just as lovely as the place itself, with Simons calling it “playful, sweet… childish, almost.” He had fallen in love with the venue about 5 years ago and finally had the chance to show off his creative ingenuity in the house that he describes as being big and intimate but without the behaviour of authority. “And Dior can do that sometimes, especially if you look at it from an architectural point of view.”

But what was it that made the collection itself so captivating? The Bar jacket has been pushed aside and the Bar silhouette brought to the forefront, with its full sleeves and nipped waist. This was paired with taffeta shorts, while the pantsuits were toned down to size with flip flops. Low heeled and pointed versions of shoes appeared all over, while the iconic Dior femme fleur was seen shimmering all about with its crystal construction. The checked neo-Bar suits were incredible to behold, while the smocks and the rompers appealed to our vacation loving senses greatly.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

The architectural design of the house certainly influenced the line-up itself, the idea of curves in a sea of boxy homes translating into some unique pieces that would stand out from among all the rest of the resort collections this year. Just as he found the architecture to be young, feminine and playful, so do we find Simons’ creations newly showcased in the exceptionally alluring home in the south of France. Between kilts and gingham shorts, sculpted jackets with pleated, peplum waists and sleek tennis dresses or cropped sailor pants combined with Lurex striped tops, this was most certainly a collection we fell in love with over and over again.

“We tried to make it very, very light, and much younger, and therefore also more futurist and modernist,” stated the mastermind behind the Dior line of late and we simply could not agree more with this spot-on assessment.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

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We all love our makeup, from the kids who pretend to be adults to the elders, who want to bring back their youth. We love it whether we are addicted to creating hour long masks every morning or just dusting our cheeks with some blush to bring back some color after the winter days deprive us of our much needed Vitamin D. No matter who we are, as women we can hardly steer clear of makeup, even the ones who prefer a more natural look on most days. What we do not notice, however, is the fact that we may not always be doing things the healthy way and the makeup we use might be destroying our skin over time.

Over the years, it has become clear that cosmetics and cancer do have some form of relation, even if it may not seem to be very strong for the most part. We have read so many warnings about blush and soaps and quite a few other things leading to breast cancer. Teenage bodies are most especially at risk when it comes to the chemicals in the cosmetics permeating their skins and entering their blood streams. Potential hormone altering chemicals are found in many of the beauty products they use, particularly the most affordable ones. The phthalates are especially dangerous and are contained in nail polishes and fragrances. While the direct correlation may not yet be proven, the risks are still there and health is too important to play with on a whim.

10 Makeup Habits That Are Harmful for Your HealthBut what are you doing that is putting your health at risk, you ask? Some commonmakeup habits that are harmful for your health, not just because of the makeup itself, are:

1. Sharing your makeup with a friend: While you might be the best of friends and share everything else from clothing to jewellery, sharing lipstick and other such products can lead to infections and cold sores. Eyeliner should not be shared either, nor makeup brushes. Sometimes the most harmless things can have the most harmful of effects.

2. Using expired makeup: This is something we do way too often and most of us are guilty of it. While we may not see any health related issues for a long time after using mascara years after it should have been thrown out, you are better safe than sorry. You can give yourself pink eye or unwanted skin irritation since expired products hold bacteria that can cause you harm. Mascara and eyeliner should be gotten rid of three to six months after first opening it up.

See also: What The Use of Expired Beauty Products Can Lead To

3. Sleeping with the makeup still left on: While doing this from time to time is not going to hurt you, it is always better to remove your makeup before heading off to bed. Foundation is especially dangerous to be sleeping in, clogging your pores and leading to eye irritations. You do not want to have any unseemly bumps around the eyes, so it is better to clean it all off first.

4. Forgetting to wear sunscreen daily: UVA and UVB exposure is bad for you and you know that. Yet you still insist upon not using sunscreen or at least makeup products infused with sunscreen to ensure our skin is protected. This should be as much part of your routine as brushing your teeth and combing through your hair.

5. Applying eyeliner to the waterline: While this may seem to really make your eyes pop and it may even be trending from time to time, you are introducing foreign bacteria to a very sensitive part of your face. You do not want infections or clogged oil glands; apply the eyeliner outside the lash line instead. This will reduce the risk of particles entering the eyes by up to 30 percent, which is quite a number to contend with. Recent studies by world-renowned universities have proven this to be one of the worst makeup habits.

6. Using dirty brushes: Do not forget that while you have been using those brushes for a long time, all types of nasties have taken refuge in there and built up their bacteria laden homes. In order to ensure the health of your skin, make sure you are cleaning your brushes regularly, particularly if you want to avoid any breakouts around the cheeks.

7. Not removing all your makeup: If you are like me, you often leave a little bit of your liner and mascara on overnight, even when you have cleaned everything else. The problem is that the eye makeup is the worst thing to leave on and the health problems that arise can take months to clear out.

8. Using face wipes instead of cleansers: While you think that face wipes are easier and do the same job as the cleansers, you are only removing part of the dirt and grime and makeup residue instead of all of it, meaning that you are leaving the skin open to potential irritation overnight or throughout the day. Fully wash your face instead for a longer lasting youthful feature.

9. Spending too much time picking at imperfections: You may love your magnifying mirror, or hate it really, but you should know that the more time you spend plucking invisible hairs and poking at your skin, the higher the chances of causing inflammation and redness becomes. The redness is so much harder to hide than the small blemishes you were picking at, while it is better to wax all the hairs all at once to keep their growth cycles in sync.

10. Throwing away your cream spatula and using a finger instead: This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people opt to use their fingers with everything, dipping them into creams and such instead of using a spatula to prevent the spread of bacteria. Why on earth would you want to risk having a skin infection just because you wanted to use fingers instead of a sanitary tool?

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6 Products in Megs’ Beauty Bag for Spring


Beauty items in my Spring Bag

Slide 5 / 6

$16 via Nordstro

lly makes my blue eyes pop. I don't like too much on my eyes, so a couple brushes of eyeshadow and I'm set. MAC still is one of the best when it comes to beauty.

MAC Eye Shadow Gold

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Her rich cultural background has certainly had a great impact on the exquisite fashion style of Tia Cibani, who was born in North America, raised in Canada and had lived in China for quite a long period of time before debuting her eponymous brand’s spring/summer 2013 collection and immediately attracting loads of attention winning the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in women’s wear. Inspired by the amazing works of famous Scottish artist Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, she launched an utterly beautiful and romantic collection for the upcoming fall season comprising designs drenched in the Victorian style that we love so much. TheTia Cibani fall/winter 2015-2016 collection lookbook thoroughly transmits the romantic femininity these Art Nouveau textures, colors and silhouettes radiate.

Tia Cibani Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

It’s impossible not to fall in love with these pretty clothing pieces at first sight, which mostly revolve around opulent velvet in earthen shades, weighty silk satin embellished with botanical prints with a painted glass effect, jacquards, cashmere knits and subtle motifs of lace appliqués decorating some of the bohemian and Victorian dresses and gowns we see within the lookbook. Whether it’s about the choice of the color palette or the shapes, everything is made to enchant and every small detail comes to put the focus on the artisanal skills of the designer. We do love the subdued autumnal and jewel color palette featuring Jasper, Topaz, Quartz and Jade, which add to the gorgeousness of the designs. While the majority of the looks focus on textural plays, interesting shapes and elaborate details, there are also a couple of designs with rich prints and patterns for those, who want to make a bigger sartorial statement come fall. Add subtle fringing, draping, delicate pleats, strapless designs and tulip silhouettes to all this, and you have one flabbergastingly gorgeous collection of fall clothing pieces, which will instantly land you in the spotlight wherever you go.

The Tia Cibani fall 2015 collection tackles the Victorian fashion trend best of all, which is among the top fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends we can’t wait to rock. The style is depicted especially well in the velvet cinched wait draped dress with a lace collar, the velvet maxi jumpsuit with a halter neck, the maxi gown with waist cut-outs in Jasper, as well as moss boucle tearoom gown in Quartz and the velvet draped tulip dresses and gowns in Topaz. Duchesse satin is the next fabric making an appearance quite occasionally throughout the lookbook and looking especially divine when coming in Quartz and being the main material used for the elegant maxi trousers with side slits teamed with a monochrome blouse that is topped with a herringbone petal cape and a matching scarf, which kind of bring back the breath of the olden days.

Tia Cibani Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

Tia Cibani Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

While there are a lot of perfectly tailored elegant two pieces, exquisite gowns and cocktail dresses within the Tia Cibani fall 2015 collection, we are also treated to warm and sassy winter essentials, such as the speckled herringbone coat and the moss knit boatneck sweater that is beautifully matched with a pleated skirt in Jade patchwork. All the looks are finished off with warm socks with suede shoes that both complement the designs and create a nice contrast with their romantic style. Yes, and we are definitely going to try that relaxed undone updo, which is a go-to hairstyle both for special occasions and effortless day-to-day looks.

Tia Cibani Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

Tia Cibani Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection

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There is a piece of news that saddens us to no end. It is a new development that will leave a hole in the fashion industry for some time yet, reminding us that there was one a beautiful supermodel named Gisele Bundchen, who has officially retired from the runway. A star has been extinguished in the world of designers and runway shows as we bid farewell to one of our very favourites to appear on that catwalk. Gisele Caroline Bundchen, the 34-year-old Brazilian fashion model who was scouted at the tender age of 14 will have walked her last runway show at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week Colcci show in Brazil. It is a nice way to retire from her 20-year-long career as she has been the face of the Brazilian brand for several seasons, wrapping up this chapter in her life as she struts her stuff on stage in her own hometown. We will definitely be peeling quite the pang of loss in seeing her go.

It's Official! Gisele Bundchen Retires From the Runway

Gisele Bundchen is a sixth generation Brazilian hailing from a German descent and born in Southern Brazil. She was raised in an area where many were of the same ancestry along with her five sisters, including fraternal twin Patricia. In 1993 the twins joined a modeling course and Bundchen discovered by the Elite modelling agency a year later during a school excursion. It was in 1996 that she finally got her big Fashion Week break in New York City. In 1998 she was chosen to walk Alexander McQueen’s ready to wear show called Rain because of her ability to walk in towering heels on a slippery runway. Securing her first British Vogue cover, she soon became an in-demand cover girl, particularly big in her generation, being featured in over 10 covers in fewer than four years. Even Kate Moss didn’t have more than nine.

Gisele has posed for Missoni, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferre, Ralph Lauren, and Versace campaigns. By the year 2000, Bundchen was just about the world’s hottest model, known as the Brazilian Bombshell. She’s been credited with ending the “heroin chic” era of modelling and pioneering the “horse walk” stomping movement as she picks up her knees and kicks her feet out in front. She was one of Victoria’s Secret Angels from the turn of the millennium to around mid-2007, having been named one of the only remaining supermodels in the world. If we are talking about awe-inspiring facts, in 2004 she was the highest paid model in the world, while in 2007 she was named the 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry. On 12 May 2009, The Independent called her “the biggest star in fashion history” and within the same year Harper’s Bazaar rated her among the top 26 greatest models of all time. In 2012, she was the top earning model on the Forbes models list, while in 2014 she was the 89th most powerful woman in the world. She is, and always has been, an incredible individual in the world of fashion and her status throughout the years as placing in the top lists has proven her mettle.

Gisele Bundchen has also dipped her toes in the world of acting, playing a supporting role in Taxi in 2004, for which she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for the Choice Breakout performance category, as well as the Choice Movie Bad Guy. She’s also taken a supporting role in the 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada. Furthermore, by the end of 2014, the famous supermodel had appeared in 6,013 television commercial spots in the course of a single year in Brazil, much more than any other Brazilian celebrity; she even outranked Neymar, who had made 5,625 TV commercial spots, one of the highest in the country.

But 22 hours ago, the news about her retirement was made official by an Instagram post where she stated: “I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey. Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business. #firstrunway #14yearsold.” Now, with a coconut in her hand, she states that she is almost read. For what though, we are not yet sure. Whatever it is, we are hoping to see some awesome photos, even throughout her quasi-retirement period.

We simply cannot imagine retirement suiting the lively Gisele. It may be that she takes a few years off, but we fully expect to see her step back onto that catwalk and prance down that lane with all the confidence and gusto we are used to seeing in her step. She would thus be joining in the ranks with Cher and Michael Jordan, even Jay Z, by appearing in the spotlight a given time later, only to shine bright once more and set our hearts on fire. While retirement may be expected to be golf trips and tanning under the Bahamas sun, it may actually look more like Chanel campaigns, Vogue covers, and endorsement deals that rake in the cash by the millions. At the same time, we are sure that she will never stop with her charitable activities that she has been known for so well, from being a Goodwill ambassador to donating $150,000 to Brazil’s Zero Hunger program. In 2010, she wrote a check for $1.5 million to the Red Cross to aid the relief efforts in Haiti after seeing the devastation left in the wake of the hurricane. Only time will tell what happens next, but we know that no matter what it is, it has to be big!

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The “It” girls have been basking in the sun, looking as luxurious as ever. There is nothing so endearing, so incredibly beautiful as seeing a woman confident in her skin and boy have these lovely ladies been shining bright like a diamond of late. Fashion bloggers all around, women with impeccable taste in fashion and the kind of style we wished we could pull off; these are the ladies to emulate now as they set new precedents and present themselves to the public with looks that could knock any man’s socks off. While some stick to the ready to wear pieces presented of late on the spring/summer 2015 runway shows around the world, others go all the way and touch the realm of couture, where only the most avid of fashionistas venture into. They know how to look sunny and fresh, like the spring breeze warmed by the sun’s rays. They know how to pull off designer combinations, and sometimes opt to stick to a single house they are loyal to. No matter how they do it, here are 10 awesome summer 2015 looks presented by your favourite It girls that are positively fantabulous.

10 Lovely Sunny Looks You Can Copy From Your Favorite It Girls Now

Lovely Blues from Ohh Couture

Wearing out the bright colors in Seminyak, showing off in Bali, Indonesia, is Haute Couture lover Leonie Sophie. She’s got a personal style blog that covers some pretty awesome look and her latest twin set is simply breathtaking. With a really lively outfit that calls for summer, this fashionista has opted out of her typical neutrals, blacks and greys and gone for a brighter pastel! We love the little satchel bag that is also by the same designer as that twin set with the rounded flower petal like shorts and matching sleeves on the shirt. It is a comfortable outfit that screams spring and summer days on the beach.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Ohh Couture

Casual Boyfriend Jeans from Song of Style

The Song of Style loves her boyfriend fits with a feminine touch, which means that her distressed jeans can be copied with a similar style. She’s added coral pink pumps, while keeping the shirt in a boyfriend fit as well. A soft colored bag always brings the balance to any scale when it comes to male and female mixes. With the button down shirt that has been left undone to the center of the chest, this is one It girl who loves to layer on the necklaces and even a tasselled collar neckpiece. The jeans themselves taper at the ends, which she has rolled up into cuffs ending just below mid-calf, looking positively terrific all around.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Song of Style

Bohemian Chic from Haut Appetit

She talks about style, she talks about food, she is one of the best food + fashion bloggersand she coaches us about what to wear at the Coachella Festival. Ms. Elizabeth is a blonde bombshell with an appetite for fashion and a thorough understanding of that world altogether. Her advice? Bring on the lace cropped tops with the looser fit and the major comfort level. Mid sleeves are in, the necklines are high and the skin is shown through the lacy embroidery. Paired with frayed ends on black short cut offs with a high waist and high hem, this is an awesome festival look. Boho waves, a lot of silver bracelets, Stuart Weitzman boots, and with all the vintage vibes, this look is rocking the festival grounds.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Haut Appetit

Summer’s Ginghams from Style Heroine

She’s ricking the gingham. One of the biggest patterns and prints of the spring 2015season has been the appearance of gingham fabrics with their small and chic checks. It looks like you are wearing a picnic blanket, but who cares? Blue and mild, small checks instead of larger ones that are certainly not as cute and a flattering silhouette is all you need to look like the adorable lady you are. “Much to my surprise its vivid motifs have the effects of the most delicious skin glowing smoothie,” writes one of our favourite It Girls, the Style Heroine. Pairing an Altuzarra dress with a Celine bag, Linda Farrow sunglasses and pumps with ankles straps left unfastened for maximum nonchalance and the look of endless legs, we get a most alluring outfit.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Style Heroine

Bright Prints from Happily Grey

The Happily Grey Harvest look is exquisite! There is just something about the way that Mara Hoffman dress silhouettes her body, the way that bomber jacket by French Connection sits on top to give a football player’s wife aura to the blogger in the John Hillin images, the casual look of a Rebecca Minkoff backpack and those Adidas sneakers that really have us turning to state intently. Cut outs, tiebacks, blared skirts and a halter-top. That is one incredible dress that we want right about now. It reminds us of the coral reefs and the sun over the sandy beaches, perhaps from the Maldives. It’s like a whole different reality exists in this look.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Happily Grey

Olivia Palermo’s Sunshine Yellow

It Girl Olivia Palermo put all our styles to shame with her totally yellow popping colors that grace her silhouette for the spring season. Her combination of blue and yellow is a happy one reminiscent of sunny skies. The yellow color has been featured by many a designer, from Delpozo to Michael Kors, bringing in warmth and fun to any outfit. The perfect spring ensemble here seems to include a glowing yellow Valentino coat, with a bit more Valentino in the blouse, a pair of simple Paige jeans, a Chloe Drew bag and the loveliest Aquazzura x Olivia Palermo suede booties. Yes, she wears her own styles as well!

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Olivia Palermo

Peace, Love, Shea Or Wild Wild West

The 1970s are in, the Wild Wild West is back and we are given the most amazing dish of fringes and suede. Shea Marie’s styling and creative direction meant photos were shot by Matt Petran that gets us tiled up for some rodeo and cowgirl fun. Long messy blonde hair is gorgeous no matter what, particularly left in boho waves. A suede mini skirt is paired with stone clad jewels for the perfect California girl meets high fashion French chic delicate combo. This was a set part of the Chloe runway show on the spring/summer 2015 collection, while the cross-body bag by Barbara Bonner via Intermix is the perfect addition. It is an awesome festival look and will be just right for the Coachella event this weekend.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Peace Love Shea

Sincerely Jules’ Sincerely Free Style

The Free Love look by Sincerely Jules is a sweet and casual one, with a touch of sexy and a whole lot of fun. Short shorts, strappy sandals and aviator sunglasses make for a great combination, with the flowy top in bright contrasting floral prints against a black background really setting up a nice stage. The top is a creation of Free People, while the perfect little white shorts with buttons instead of zippers and frayed ends went well with those Redlands sandals. Brand loyalty is clearly shown here as Jules supports Free People.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Sincerely Jules

Fashion Toast’s Romantic Look

It’s time to toast to the Paris style of Fashion Toast where she spent a weekend in the city of love in the lap of warm luxury, wearing an incredible Chloe embroidered cut out dress, holding a Drew bag paired with a blazer, and having clad her feed in Balenciaga boots. The spring look here appears to be that of a fairy enjoying the sunshine after 6 long months of cold and overcast weather. This is perfection unto itself!

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Fashion Toast

Girly Casual by Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon’s Breezy looks are pretty lovely to say the least, reminding us of the simplicity and warmth that the spring weather inspires within us. A gorgeous lacy top with bell sleeves embroidered at the ends, a tasselled belt tied round the waist and the blouse with buttons heading own the center was by Spell & the Gypsy. The suede pretty stitched skirt was a product of Zara, while that lovely bag was all Chloe. Those sneaker style shoes with the denim toes are totally Chanel, while the rings worn are Wanderlust and the sunglasses nothing but Karen. It is a beautiful look, all soft innocence and sweet romance.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Late Afternoon

Photos courtesy of Ohh Couture, Song Of Style, Haut Appetit, Olivia Palermo

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