Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace: The Great White Way

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Brunello Cucinelli Ivory Knot Necklace

I’ve been hooked on Brunello Cucinelli since my very first purchase (a short sleeve cashmere blend coat with fox fur cuffs at the ends of the sleeves – doesn’t get more perfect for Southern California living). His jewelry is equally addicting. The aesthetic is soft and elegant, but there’s always a spectacular aspect that makes your heart stop. For instance, this necklace is really just a simple piece of stranded beads, but the effect is nothing short of breathtaking. The boldness comes from its uniquely layered, teardrop-shaped loops that cascade down like currents in a waterfall. The magnesite beads (minerals that can be dyed to match any color in the spectrum – but as you can see, sometimes no color at all makes the boldest statement) have the look of ivory, and since we don’t condone the use of ivory, it’s the perfect substitute. This necklace possesses a sense of grandeur, so it can definitely be dressed up. But with unpolished beads and leather straps connecting the back, it’s also casual enough to throw on over a cute summer dress, making this a piece you’ll wear often and get compliments on every time. 

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