Heidi Klum and Her Birkin Write the Book on Chic Air Travel


Heidi Klum Hermes Birkin

Here’s Heidi Klum, arriving at the airport in LA looking perfectly styled and coifed while carrying a tan leather Hermès Birkin. Heidi occasionally looks like a bit of a designer boho mess, despite the fact that she is a supermodel, so this is notable. You can see Heidi’s many air travel ensembles (and all of her best handbags, natch) in “The Many Bags of Heidi Klum.”

If you want more tips for jet-setting in style, you should look to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; no one on the planet does air travel more stylishly than she. You would also be well served to study up on “50 Celebrities and the Bags They Carried to Fly out of LAX This Summer.”

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The First Images from the Olivia Palermo and Aquazzura Shoe Collaboration

Designer Shoes

Olivia Palermo X Aquazzaura_4

We only have a couple more weeks until the arrival of one of our most anticipated celebrity-designer collaborations: Olivia Palermo and AquazzuraThis collection is bound to excite shoe aficionados like you and me, and today we have even better news to share: a few images from the upcoming shoes!

Expect to see some of Palermo’s favorites, which are renditions of the Aquazzura strappy sandal. Check out the upcoming shoes below, and to see Olivia in lots of the designer’s previous shoes, check out TheMany Shoes of Olivia Palermo from a few weeks ago.

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Shoe of the Week: Manolo Blahnik Leopard-Print Thong Sandal

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Manolo Blahnik Susa Leopard-Print Snake Flat Thong Sandal

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Leopard-Print Thong Sandal

Why They’re the Shoes of the Week: We may only have a few weeks left in summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s times to pack away the sandals for good. Makes this strappy animal-print sandal from Manolo Blahnik your last summer shoe purchase and you can wear to your all end-of-season cookouts!

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Man Bag Monday: Carven Leather Backpack

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Carven Leather Backpacks

In general, men’s bags cost less than women’s do, even when the men’s version is based on a popular women’s design (and is larger than that design). The only place where that seems to be particularly untrue is when it comes to backpacks; perhaps designers assume that a man buying a luxury backpack is likely to be more accustomed to to exorbitant fashion pricing than one just trying to pick up a nice briefcase.

Even non-leather backpacks can reach four figures pretty quickly, and I’m not much of a fan of that no matter the gender of the bag’s intended audience. If you’re a dude who wants a designer backpack from a buzzy brand under a thousand dollars, check out the Carven Leather Backpack.

This design is a totally pared-down take on the Jansports we all carried in middle school, except now that we’re adults, the bag is rendered in leather that appears to be super buttery. 

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Buy New Items From Louis Vuitton Pop up Shop Starting August 15

Louis Vuitton

Yet again, Louis Vuitton set up a pop-up shop at Dover Street Market NY starting yesterday, on August 15th, 2014. And in the new store, we will find it will available ready-to-wear, sunglasses, jewelry and shoes for sale, all of the items were designed by Nicholas Ghesquiere for the highly-anticipated Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

From Women’s Wear Daily, we are learn there will be another two locations will open temporary installations of the Louis Vuitton collection including London and Ginza. Even though there is no word on how long the installation will last, but the previous pop-up shop showcasing Marc Jacobs final collection for LV was around for about three months in NY. If you don’t want to miss the chance to shop great LV items, stay tuned to our site for more LV news update!


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The Many Bags of Rachel Zoe

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The Many Bags of Rachel Zoe

Although Bravo has done its best to put to rest rumors that The Rachel Zoe Project won’t be coming back for another season, we thought that now, the morning after Zoe’s Season Five finale, would be an appropriate time to take a look at The Many Bags of Rachel Zoe. As you all know, Zoe was a stylist long before she was a TV personality or owner of a fashion line, so she’s got one of the most well-stocked closets in the business.

If you’ve watched as much of The Rachel Zoe Project as I have, then you know what to exact going forward: a lot of black, a lot of Chanel and Hermes, and a lot of stuff that’ll make you want to go shopping immediately. Lately Rachel carries some of the handbags from her own line, of course, but she does keep it real with other designers’ bags as well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned for Zoe’s show, it’s that a girl always needs options.

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