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Chanel Chain Infinity Handle Bag

You adore the Coco Handle Bag? Or you just like any Handle Bag made from Chanel. Well, there is a new one in town and it’s called the Chanel Infinity Handle Bag. I definitely like this style. The price is not much different than the Coco Handle Bag, but the style is totally

Chanel Fall Winter Earring

Chanel Glass Pearl Earrings Style code: AB2351 Price: $550 USD, $690 CAD, €490 EUR, £425 GBP, $790 SGD, $4100 HKD, $820 AUD, ¥64800 JPY, ฿18500 BAHT, ₩675000 WON Chanel Snowflake Pearl Earrings Style code: AB2208 Price: $1250 USD, $1600 CAD, €1140 EUR, £1000 GBP, $1830 SGD, $9500 HKD, $1920 AUD, ¥150120 JPY, ฿42500 BAHT, ₩1570000

Chanel Long Leather Wallets 101

IMAGE: CHANEL The next time someone tells you that all Chanel wallets look the same, put out this post and tell them otherwise. Because while they might look the same at first glance, they are clearly differences amongst all six of these, which frankly doesn’t even encompass all the French luxury

Chanel Camellia WOC with Camellia Charm

The love story of Camellia will always be part of Chanel and the Camellia WOC is not a new design. However, we do appreciate this WOC because of the flower quilting and the new beautiful charm. The Chanel Camellia WOC is for the true lady. The design feels soft and feminine yet chic and classy.

Chanel Street Spirit Trolley

The Chanel Coco Case Trolley got twisted again and it got a new name – the Chanel Street Spirit Trolley. The design has been completely overturned; it went from quilted chic to street chic. The style reminds us of the graffiti Backpack, which has been a very successful launch. We have spotted the Coco

Chanel Large Lambskin Quilted Bowling Bag

If you’re looking for something distinctive, yet Chanel-lish, then consider the Chanel Bowling Bagfrom the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection. By just looking at the picture, you can already feel the softness of the lambskin leather. It feels like Prada’s Bomber Bag, don’t you think? I love the single colors because it matches easily to any outfits.